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Use machine learning to optimize your factory production

Fero is an explainable machine learning software that is powering the next wave of industrial process optimization.

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Discover hidden factors that affect quality, predict flaws of future products, and optimize production. Cut production costs today and prevent headaches for tomorrow.

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Prevent complex machine failures, identify root causes of issues, and optimize maintenance schedules. Minimize factory downtime and improve production efficiency.

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Forecast energy usage, optimize energy consumption, and streamline factory operations. Save on energy costs and improve operational performance.

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Fero Platform

Fero offers cutting-edge machine learning in an easy-to-use web interface. Fero offers:

Powerful blueprints that target key KPIs,
Easy-to-use wizards for loading and linking data sources,
Insightful visualization tools for validation,
and much more.
Screenshot of the Fero software with a quality use case open, showing confidence bands around a prediction.
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