Minimize costs and emissions at the same time

Fero's software optimizes factory production in ever-changing conditions. Cut emissions with confidence and increase profits across your enterprise.

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Minimize costs and emissions at the same time

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Sustainable manufacturers rely on Fero for factory optimization

See every situation — and every solution — more clearly for better production results in less time. With Fero, your engineers can take confident actions to optimize production and costs, while simultaneously reducing emissions.

Powerful blueprints that target key KPIs
Easy-to-use wizards for loading and linking data sources
Insightful visualization tools for validation
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Discover hidden factors that affect quality, predict flaws in future products, and optimize production. No more juggling priorities or sacrificing one KPI for another — balance all your needs at once to boost profits.

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Let your whole team collaborate with easy-to-use software that highlights the best action for maximum cost reduction. Onboard new employees faster and give them confidence from day one.

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Reduce over-design margins and adapt your production to raw material variability. Jointly minimize costs and emissions with optimal recipe design.

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