Why Fero?

Fero is designed for industry.

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Fero offers actionable machine learning solutions designed for industrial use cases. Our solutions are KPI driven and our machine learning technology is transparent and safe, making it easy to know when to trust your data and when to trust your expertise.

Actionable Machine Learning

Machine learning delivers value only when you can act on its results. What affects your bottom-line is how you operate your factories. Actionable ML equips you with the trust and insights to improve you factory operations.

Transparent Insights

Traditional machine learning works as a black box, which is hard to trust and depend on. Fero delivers clarity with white box machine learning that shows exactly how each input affects the KPI you care about.

Safe Decision Making

Predictions are not enough to make safe decisions. Fero provides confidence intervals with every prediction. This way, you know when to trust your data, or when to trust your domain expertise.

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