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Why Fero Labs?

Don't be fooled by bad actors claiming to optimize using AI.

We're the only AI-driven platform that provides accurate predictions backed by confidence bands, full transparency, and explainability so you can make confident production changes that drive profit and sustainability.

Here’s what sets our solution apart.

Why Fero Labs?


Transparent & Explainable

  • Contextual white-box machine learning (ML)
  • Confidence bands on every prediction
  • Live explainable optimizations
  • Proprietary ML models
  • Plug & play Use Case Blueprints



Revenue & Emission Results

  • Cost savings
  • Sustainability savings

Testing & Live Optimization

  • Simulated digital environment
  • Live production optimization

New Release: ExplainIt for Live Predictions!

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Safe ML

White-box ML

Black-box machine learning solutions make recommendations without context, so you operate in the dark without understanding the detail behind the insight.

Not with Fero Labs.

Fero Labs is software powered by white-box contextual machine learning, so your team can make more informed adjustments knowing what will happen.

Empower Engineers and Data Scientists

Augmented by Fero AI, your teams no longer need to work in silos.

Get your entire team to collaborate with our software to augment your expertise and increase shared production knowledge. We'll show the best actions to take to maximize efficiencies.

It's like having your brightest minds in the same room to solve problems together, faster.

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Safe ML

Profitable Sustainability 

Augmented by Fero Labs AI, cross-functional teams work together to make better use of raw and recycled materials, production time, and energy consumption. 

We'll show how to improve profit and sustainability at the same time without compromising quality. That's good for the plant and for the planet.

Using your expert's input, Fero Labs AI accurately predicts problems, reveals solutions, and explains how we got there - helping you adapt faster to ever-changing production conditions.

In fact, teams that use Fero Labs work 90x faster than with traditional methods so they can solve more complex problems faster.

Machine Learning Software for Chemical Industry headshot

"You could spend weeks on an Excel or Minitab file, just trying to get stats out and aggregate results. With Fero Labs, you upload a dataset and hit go. Come back 20 minutes later, and it's given you some valuable insights."

Adhesives engineer, major chemical manufacturer

Results 90x faster

What if use cases that took months of work using traditional methods could be run in minutes?

  • Caster predictions
  • Ladle optimizations
  • Lanxess
  • Aniline catalyst forecasts
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • 'What-if' scenarios

And more. Imagine your team on Fero Labs AI.

Undefined high

Fero Labs recognized as a WEF Tech Pioneer 2024

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Powerful Process Engine

Did you know that more than 70% of companies investing in Industry 4.0 fail to move beyond the pilot phase of development?

✅ In this whitepaper, we outline typical obstacles to pilot success and how Fero Labs' Process Engine solves them.

✅ Learn how Fero Labs' process engine can find more valuable patterns in your data to reduce costs and cycle time - in a fraction of time.

Read the whitepaper to learn more, or book a demo to see it live!

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