CEO Berk Birand on how AI is making factories greener:
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Ai to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Manufacturing

It can be hard to prioritize sustainability when you're facing pressure to keep prices competitive. Fero is software that helps teams reduce emissions and costs — at the same time.

Ai to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Manufacturing

Automatically minimize emissions

Directly target emissions

Reduce Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions with real-time recommendations that eliminate the inefficiencies built into traditional factory processes. Fero tells you how to make the same products with less energy and fewer materials, without compromising on quality.

Avoid scrap and waste

Scrapping flawed products is the most common preventable source of emissions. Avoid these costly mistakes with real-time quality predictions that alert teams whenever a product isn't up to spec.

Tackle costs and emissions together

Now you don't have to choose between competing objectives. Fero shows engineers and operators how to adjust set points within processes to optimize for both sustainability and profitability.

Demonstrate progress

Easily track and share your emissions progress with visual dashboards and reporting analytics. Make sure you're on track to achieve your sustainability goals.

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"If scaled to the rest of steel production in the US, this approach could prevent 11.9 million tons of CO2 emissions per year--equivalent to a quarter of New York City's emissions."

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