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Quality Management Software for Manufacturing

Excel and Six Sigma are go-to quality optimization solutions. But these tools can't handle the complexity of today's factory floor. When you’re generating thousands of data points every second, you need a solution that scales to your needs. Fero Labs AI is like Six Sigma on steroids.

Quality Management Software for Manufacturing

Boost quality while lowering costs

Continuously predict quality

Tired of waiting hours to see if products will get the green light? Fero Labs monitors quality in real time, giving engineers the clarity to make key decisions.

Learn how to fix issues faster

Quality issues can be costly, in terms of emissions as well as financials. Fero Labs automatically identifies inputs and settings that affect critical quality metrics and tells engineers how to improve them.

Forecast flawed products

No one wants to ship a bad product, and in today’s economy, doing so is more costly than ever. Avoid flaws with real-time alerts that find mistakes before it's too late to correct them.

Improve process stability

Fero Labs isn't only for optimizing individual processes. Make your workflows optimally efficient with a platform that helps engineers easily account for sources of variability and uncertainty.

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Jena Kreuzer, process engineer, Gerdau headshot

"We're running a lean process--we have much less room for error than ever before. We need to reduce raw material costs, while delivering the quality customers expect. By combining process knowledge with Fero Lab's ML tool, we not only optimized our alloy usage and saved costs--we also reduced the workload on the process engineers and made huge product capability improvements."

Jena Kreuzer, process engineer, Gerdau

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