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Steel Manufacturing Optimization Software

Powerful AI steel industry software helps you take control of your process by showing your team how to optimize production in real time --even when you're short on raw materials, hurting from supply chain snags, or seeing soaring energy bills.

Fero Labs will enable you to drive profitability and sustainability at the same time, without compromising the quality your customers expect.

Steel Manufacturing Optimization Software
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"The speed of calculation is unreal. Based on the information coming in live, we can adjust the process to meet requirements. No matter what unstable conditions surround a process, Fero Labs is going to immediately give you the right answer."

Carlo Travaglini, Director of Technology, Gerdau

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"We are always looking at how to improve our production processes to be more sustainable, to lower costs, and to be more competitive in an international market. Fero Labs helps us tackle these goals at the same time."

Utku Öner, CEO, CELSA Nordic

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"If scaled to the rest of steel production in the US, this approach could prevent 11.9 million tons of CO2 emissions per year--equivalent to a quarter of New York City's emissions."

Global Partnership on AI (GPAI)

Fero Labs solutions

Make every part of the steel mill more efficient

Make every part of the steel mill more efficient

Get real-time, heat-specific recommendations and insights for operators

○ Optimize energy consumption for ideal tap oxygen level

○ Reduce CO2 emissions by lowering carbon addition

○ Improve yield by optimizing scrap mix

○ Minimize alloy additions with dynamic aims at heat level

○ Reduce energy usage by fine-tuning heat temperature before casting

Make every part of the steel mill more efficient

Stabilize operations and minimize defects with actionable steps

○ Provide real-time feedback to operators if alloy targets are missed

○ Predict mechanical properties from sample and divert high-risk products

○ Identify optimal product the heat should get rolled into

○ Minimize surface defects by optimizing caster parameters

○ Optimize tundish superheat temperature to reduce energy consumption

Make every part of the steel mill more efficient

Improve steel quality and reduce emissions with dynamic set point prescriptions

○ Minimize downgrades or scrap by optimizing RM process parameters

○ Simulate mechanical test results for all products

○ Forecast roll wear and tear and optimal maintenance time

○ Reduce reheat furnace emissions

Make every part of the steel mill more efficient

Reduce scrap rate by predicting multiple families of defects

○ Flag incoming high-risk coils before cold-rolling

○ Recommend annealing position or cycle type to minimize quality risk

○ Assist end-of-line quality inspectors with process-related defect prediction

○ Report root cause of defects to QA team in real time

○ Predict likelihood of post-inspection defects

How Gerdau Saved $3/Ton

With raw material prices skyrocketing, the team had to lower costs quickly in order to remain competitive, without risking the high-quality steel their customers expected. 

Fero Lab's AI solution helped them optimize the chemistry of grades at the melt shop in real time, dramatically cutting down alloy costs and reducing waste.

Fero and gerdau
Fero Labs features

Get results with the smartest AI in the steel industry

Real-Time Optimization Recommendations

Take analyses live with real-time guidance on production decisions. From slashing alloy costs in the melt shop to predicting end-of-line defects, Fero Lab's dynamic recommendations help you achieve the max possible savings.

Seamless Operator Interface

Deploy optimizations to operators in their native language. With Fero Lab's simplified operator screen, the operations team doesn't have to worry about fancy analytics--just what action they need to take.

Confidence Bands

Never worry about scrapping a batch. Make decisions the quality team will trust thanks to white-box algorithms, which show you precisely how confident they are in each prediction.

Metals Industry Track Record

Mills have been using Fero Labs since 2017. With years of experience in the steel industry, we know how to get the job done. You'll get first-class support from a team of experts who understand your challenges firsthand.

Goal-Driven Optimization

Prove you're generating value with blueprints and detailed reports that ensure you have a business case for AI improvements, because nothing speaks louder than cost savings.

Easy Maintenance

Automatic data cleaning and modeling make it effortless to keep Fero up to date--so you can focus on delivering results. Worried about drift in your production? Update the model at the push of a button.

What's wrong with Six Sigma?

Traditional process improvement methods are great! But they can't analyze hundreds of tags and years of past heats. Let alone keep up with production changes. 

That's where Fero Labs comes in. Fero Labs is like Six Sigma on steroids.

Our powerful Process Engine helps engineers build a digital twin in less than 30 minutes, without writing a line of code. Next, white-box AI lets the team simulate a process and surface actionable improvements. Think of it as a capability analysis for the whole mill, every day.

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