CEO Berk Birand on how AI is making factories greener:
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Industrial Data Solutions

Build a virtual replica of your process, then draw on powerful white-box machine learning insights to optimize performance while reducing costs and emissions.

Industrial Data Solutions

Boost performance



Excel and Six Sigma are go-to process optimization solutions. But these tools can't handle the complexity of today's factory floor. When you’re generating thousands of data points every second, you need a solution that scales. 

Fero helps you discover ways to achieve peak performance. By simulating and optimizing processes, you'll identify and eliminate bottlenecks, reduce cycle times, and improve throughput. 

Predict end product quality, so you can prevent flaws before it's too late
Virtually test new formulations and hypothetical scenarios
Analyze processes to learn the most effective improvements

Reduce costs

Live prediction

By applying Fero to your process, you can identify actions to reduce waste and cost. Fero's white-box machine learning provides a transparent view of the underlying process, allowing you to confidently identify and address inefficiencies.

Total cost
Energy consumption
Raw material consumption

Reduce emissions

Emissions blueprint

It's hard to hit sustainability goals when you need to stay competitive. Fero helps you reduce emissions and costs at the same time. 

By simulating your process and using predictive analytics, you can identify areas of inefficiency and optimize production to reduce waste and lower your carbon footprint. With the powerful lens of white-box ML analyzing your process data, you'll discover actionable ways to target your emissions and costs simultaneously.

Directly target Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions
Jointly reduce emissions and costs
Track progress with detailed reporting capabilities

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