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Explainable AI Optimization You Can Trust

Explainable AI Optimization You Can Trust


Fero Labs is the only AI-powered Profitable Sustainability Platform with real-time production predictions you can confidently explain and act upon to cut costs and emissions in your ever-changing production environment.

Explore Fero Labs today. Together we'll build a sustainable tomorrow.

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New report reveals how AI is transforming factories.

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Augment with AI

Manufacturers sit on a disconnected goldmine of production data and knowledge.

Augmented by Fero Labs AI, cross-functional teams can work together to make better use of raw and recycled materials, production time, and energy consumption.

Using Fero Labs AI, Process Engineers and Data Scientists can rapidly model complex processes and learn how to make them more efficient, 90x faster.

Playbooks: Industrial Use Cases Using AI

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Utku Öner, CEO, CELSA Nordic headshot

"We are always looking at how to improve our production processes to be more sustainable, to lower costs, and to be more competitive in an international market. Fero Labs helps us tackle these goals at the same time."

Utku Öner, CEO, CELSA Nordic

The Fero Labs Approach

Trust | Transparency | Explainability

Data analytics for manufacturing and industrial plants

Connect data to the right context

Artificially intelligent models only drive value when data is understood in the appropriate context. Fero Labs makes it seamless to link process data to production setup, so the models can draw the most accurate conclusions.

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White-box machine learning algorithms

Understand outcomes with confidence

Unlike conventional black-box technology, Fero Lab’s white-box algorithms give your team the context behind the data and the confidence levels in the output so they can make faster, more informed decisions.

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Live process optimization software

Avoid small fires and improve live production

Optimization initiatives don't always match the reality on the factory floor. With Fero Labs deployed directly in the control room, operators get live recommendations that take into account your constantly shifting conditions.

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Carlo Travaglini, Director of Technology, Gerdau headshot

"The speed of calculation is unreal. Based on the information coming in live, we can adjust the process to meet requirements. No matter what unstable conditions surround a process, Fero Labs is going to immediately give you the right answer."

Carlo Travaglini, Director of Technology, Gerdau

Undefined high

Get results 90x faster

What if use cases that took months of work using traditional methods could be run in minutes?

  • Caster predictions
  • Ladle optimizations
  • Aniline catalyst forecasts
  • Root Cause Analyses (RCA)
  • 'What-if' scenarios

And more. Imagine your team on Fero Labs AI.

Transparent & Explainable

  • Contextual white-box machine learning (ML)
  • Confidence bands on every prediction
  • Live explainable optimizations
  • Proprietary ML models
  • Plug & play Use Case Blueprints

Revenue & Emission Results

  • Cost savings
  • Sustainability savings

Testing & Live Optimization

  • Simulated digital environment
  • Live production optimization

Solutions for every sector

Fero Labs is built for complex manufacturing settings. You can build a virtual replica of any process, then draw on powerful white-box machine learning insights to optimize performance while reducing costs and emissions. You won't just hit your KPIs—you'll also get a more proactive approach that transforms your process as well as your bottom line. Fero Labs easily scales across industries including Steel, Chemicals, Oil and Gas, Cement, and CPG.

Machine Learning Software for Steel Industry


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Reduce raw material costs, while delivering the quality customers expect.

Machine Learning Software for Chemical Industry


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Go beyond data analytics to tackle complex production issues.

Philipp Frenzel, Head of Digital Services, Covestro headshot

"Whether you're looking for an intuitive tool in hopes of finding the 'needle in the haystack,' or to create, deploy, and enhance a highly interactive model, I'd point anyone seeking a self-service analytics machine learning solution without a doubt to Fero Labs."

Philipp Frenzel, Head of Digital Services, Covestro

Fero Labs recognized as a WEF Tech Pioneer 2024

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