CEO Berk Birand on how AI is making factories greener:
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AI Is “Main Ingredient” for Energy Transformation: Policymakers

AI is essential for energy transformation—that was the consensus of many speakers during an energy policy conference at Columbia.

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3 Ways AI Can Help Chemical Companies Comply With New Emissions Regulation

A new EPA rule aims to reduce chemical manufacturing emissions by requiring plants to tighten controls over their processes. Here are 3 ways artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can help companies comply with the new regulations.

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Fero Labs Makes CELSA Nordic's Steel Production More Affordable & Sustainable

We're excited to announce our partnership with CELSA Nordic, part of Celsa Group, a leading European manufacturer of circular and low-emission steel. In a pilot program with the group's Norway plant, Fero's white-box machine learning algorithms demonstrated the ability to reduce emissions and costs by making production more efficient.

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Fero Labs Celsa Nordic

How Gerdau Saved $3/Ton of Steel With White-Box Machine Learning

Adopting a machine learning-based workflow reduced one Gerdau plant's costs by $3/ton, as well as conserving over half a million pounds of alloys and reducing quality variation by 15%, according to results shared at last week's Digital Transformation Forum in Pittsburgh.

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