CEO Berk Birand on how AI is making factories greener:
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Factory optimization software, designed to minimize emissions while maximizing profits.



Minimize scrap and cut waste

Excel and Six Sigma are go-to quality optimization solutions. But these tools lack the technical strength to fully optimize today’s complex factory floor. If you’re generating thousands of data points every second, you need a solution that can scale to your needs.

Continuously predict the quality of your production
Automatically identify production inputs and settings that affect critical quality metrics
Foresee which products are likely to have flaws


Connect production data to your financials

Most plants today optimize the factory floor without considering the total cost of production. Bring financials into your operational decision making by using Fero to automatically minimize complex cost functions, not just physical parameters.

Minimize raw material consumption based on market trends
Optimize product recipes for total cost
Minimize energy consumption while avoiding over-design margins


Minimizing emissions = minimizing costs

Plants struggle to minimize emissions because they can't make the right tradeoffs in real-time operations. Include emissions in your Fero cost function and jointly minimize emission and cost — at the same time.

Directly target Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions
Jointly minimize emissions and costs
Track progress with detailed reporting capabilities