Join us in mitigating 800MT CO2e

Fero's software has the potential to reduce industrial emissions by 8–9%.

Manufacturing accounts for at least 31% of global emissions. Policy changes and hardware investments are critical, but they take time to research and deploy. Fero makes reducing emissions as easy as installing software. Use your existing sensors and control systems to drive efficiency gains.

Align your production to UN Sustainable Development Goals

With built-in Fero blueprints for minimizing waste and emissions, you’ll get the highest return on your investment—not just for your plant, but for the planet.

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More efficient recycling

Fero’s white-box machine learning algorithms reveal how much virgin raw material is needed for recycled production workflows—in real time. By using the precise amount of raw materials you need, you’ll minimize both production costs and Scope 3 emissions.

Energy minimization

Industrial heat accounts for nearly half of manufacturing emissions. Fero’s software automatically adjusts production set points when adapting to different energy feedstocks, so you can keep making the same high-quality product with greener energy sources.

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Proactive production

No more wasted packaged goods. Fero spots quality issues hours ahead of packaging and alerts operators to take action as early as possible in the production line, reducing scrap and unnecessary waste.

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