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Leveraging the Untapped Potential of Industrial AI

Industrial AI users are making unprecedented economic and environmental gains, and are 3X more confident to meet their 2024 targets.

Are you a manufacturer wondering if AI and digital twin technologies are worth the investment? Our groundbreaking report reveals the transformative advantages that early adopters are already experiencing in 2024.

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Discover the Untapped Potential in Your Factory

This Comprehensive Study Includes:

  • Insights from diverse managers across cutting-edge factories
  • Identification of missed growth opportunities in non-AI environments
  • Analysis of the latest priorities for manufacturers in 2024
  • Expert perspectives on overcoming procurement and deployment bottlenecks

Why This Report Matters to You

✓ Gain a competitive edge in your industry

✓ Identify areas for immediate improvement and long-term growth

✓ Learn from real-world success stories and avoid common pitfalls

✓ Make informed decisions about AI integration in your production processes

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Berk Birand, CEO, Fero Labs headshot

“The industrial sector is undergoing a seismic shift, from the transition to renewable energy to the circularity in raw material utilization, all while grappling with increasing labor shortages. Many of the fundamental assumptions that drove efficiency in manufacturing will no longer hold. In this era of transformation, AI emerges as the linchpin propelling the industrial sector into its next stage of evolution.”

Berk Birand, CEO, Fero Labs

Responses from Industry Leaders on the Frontline


AI/ML Early Adopters

“We achieve better results in less time spent”

“[We use it to] optimize productivity”

“We access faster and more advanced data analysis.”

“Helps to show gaps to potential”

“We optimize reaction conditions and model conditions for process safety.”

Technology Laggards

“Project buy-in can be difficult”

“Next year will be similar to the last one”

“Management places production over safety (risk minimization and management)”

“[This is the] tipping point on corporate commitment”

“Probably could be more efficient with AI”

Alp Kucukelbir, Chief Scientist, Fero Labs headshot

“The key to achieving true circular production lies in leveraging AI to adapt to the inherent variability in recycled feedstocks. This transformational integration of AI will propel plants towards increased competitiveness and sustainability, ultimately driving the green manufacturing transition.”

Alp Kucukelbir, Chief Scientist, Fero Labs