Fero Labs wins top prize at Future of Steel conference in Dusseldorf, Germany

Mar 21, 2018

Fero Labs was declared the winner of the Idea Workshop 2018 during the Future of Steel Conference. The executive summary of the event can be accessed HERE.

Excerpt from the event is as follows:

In the IDEA WORKSHOP, innovators, founders and researchers can present their ideas to the steel industry. We were looking for: innovative business models, research projects, new business ideas, final thesis results, impulses. In 5-minute presentations, six companies had the opportunity to present their visions for the future and therefore act as the creative source of the industry. Because only together can we master the latest developments in the industry and channel these into a promising future. Once all the speakers had given their presentations, the FUTURE OF STEEL community decided: Which idea drives the industry forward? The participants considered Mr Tim Eschert, Fero Labs, to be particularly innovative and declared them the winner of the Idea Workshop 2018.

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