AkzoNobel's CTO Peter Nieuwenhuizen comments on how Fero makes machine learning accessible for factories

Jun 07, 2018

Excrept from Peter Nieuwenhuizen's (CTO AkzoNobel) interview with Chemical Week:

"I joined a group called Fero Labs, whom we have here. And they have actually worked on making machine learning very accessible. To the point where we are getting comfortable to actually give that tool to the people in our manufacturing sites and making them play with their own data on site, finding out counter-intuitive aspects about what influences their energy usage, what influences waste production, and what may influence the yield. In short, how they can actually save money, or create more and better products, or create money. I think it is phenomenal if we can put something as complicated as machine learning directly in the hands of [our] people. So like a spanner they are using to optimize their factory, but they can also use this particular tool. And [Fero] will give them suggestions: maybe you should should change this particular actuator, maybe you should measure something over here and control that a little bit better. [...] I get very excited about [these] kinds of opportunities."

Mr. Nieuwenhuizen's comments regarding Fero is around minute 14.

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