Why Fero?

Fero is designed for industry

The Fero platform offers cutting-edge machine learning solutions designed for industrial use cases. Our solutions are KPI driven and our machine learning models are interpretable. Fero provides probabilistic predictions, making it easy to know when to trust your data and when to trust your expertise.

KPI driven blueprints

Fero is equipped with KPI driven blueprints that target your specific process improvement goals such as:

  • improving product quality
  • maximizing facility uptime
  • developing new products
  • reducing energy waste

Fero lets you quickly assemble and validate blueprints with historical data, before deploying live.

Interpretable machine learning

Fero Labs specializes white box machine learning. With every pattern that Fero learns from your data, it provides an interpretable explanation of how your inputs affect your KPIs.

Probabilistic Predictions

Predictions are not enough to make safe decisions. Fero provides confidence intervals with every prediction. This way, you know when to trust your data, or when to trust your domain expertise.

Adapts to your facility

Factory conditions are constantly changing. Some facilities change input sources and product types multiple times per day. Fero adapts to new conditions and constantly provides up-to-date insights and findings.