Industrial Machine learning platform designed to improve performance and reduce costs

Traditional process improvement is costly, slow, and partial. Modern factories can learn so much more from their data, but they lack the right tools. Fero is a revolutionary machine learning platform that enables factories to leverage their data to the fullest to improve critical quality KPIs, streamline maintenance, and improve energy efficiency.


improve critical kpis

KPI prediction

Testing products in capital investment heavy industries (e.g., steel) is costly: only a subset of production is sent to laboratories and retrieving results can take several days. Using Fero, you can:

  • continuously predict the quality of your production,
  • automatically identify production inputs and settings that affect critical quality metrics, and
  • foresee which products are likely to have flaws for planning.

"What if?" Scenarios

Balancing production with new product development is challenging. Product research is expensive, requiring time and costly experiments. Using Fero, you can:

  • virtually try new products and explore their quality metrics,
  • explore product settings with a user-friendly interface, and
  • accelerate and simplify your product research and development.


streamline machine servicing

Failure Prediction

Industrial machines operate in increasingly interconnected processes. Identifying the root cause of production line stoppage where machines affect other machines can be difficult. Using Fero, you can:

  • predict complex machine failures before they even happen,
  • automatically detect anomalous patterns of many machines, and
  • anticipate group failures of machines that are about to stop production.

Optimal Planning

Industrial machines require servicing and upkeep: this means taking machines offline. But some machines are more reliable than others, and this depends on how they are used in individual factories. Using Fero, you can:

  • customize your maintenance schedule to every single machine in your facility,
  • automatically prioritize machines that are likely to fail in the near future, and
  • optimally plan maintenance schedules to maximize factory uptime.


improve energy usage

Sensor Forecasting

Factories track energy consumption using many sensors that are difficult to analyze. Using Fero, you can:

  • forecast sensors into the future to visualize consumption trends, and
  • understand how decision made today will affect energy consumption tomorrow.

Process Optimization

Factories continuously optimize their production processes based on changing factory conditions. Using Fero, you can:

  • optimize your processes by simulating future factory conditions, and
  • make better informed decisions with Fero's interactive interface.