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Use machine learning to optimize your factory production



Fero is an industrial machine learning platform that helps factories maximize product quality, predict machine failures, and optimize energy usage.


Discover hidden factors that affect quality, predict flaws of future products, and optimize production. Cut production costs today and prevent headaches for tomorrow.


Prevent complex machine failures, identify root causes of issues, and optimize maintenance schedules. Minimize factory downtime and improve production efficiency.


Forecast energy usage, optimize energy consumption, and streamline factory operations. Save on energy costs and improve operational performance.

The Fero platform is accessible through the web; all that you need is a modern browser. Fero offers:

  • powerful blueprints that target key KPIs,
  • easy-to-use wizards for linking data sources,
  • insightful visualization tools for validation,
  • and much more.


Traditional machine learning works as a black box, which is hard to trust and depend on. Fero delivers clarity with white box machine learning that shows exactly how inputs affect outputs.


Predictions are not enough to make safe decisions. Fero provides confidence intervals with every prediction. This way, you know when to trust your data, or when to trust your domain expertise.


Factory conditions are constantly changing. Fero adapts to new conditions and constantly provides up-to-date insights.