CEO Berk Birand on how AI is making factories greener:
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Warum Fero?

Many providers claim to optimize your factory using ML or AI. Here’s what sets our solution apart.

Warum Fero?

White-box Machine Learning

Black-box machine learning solutions make recommendations with no context, so you operate in the dark. Not with Fero. Fero is software powered by white-box machine learning, so your team can make adjustments knowing what will happen.


Empower engineers and data scientists

Let your whole team collaborate with easy-to-use software that highlights the best action for maximum results. Onboard new employees faster and give them confidence from day one.

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Safe ML

Minimize costs and emissions — in real time

Clearly see the path to lower emissions and costs and keep issues from slowing you down. Fero predicts problems and reveals solutions, helping you adapt to ever-changing production conditions.