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Connect production data to your financials

Most plants today optimize the factory floor without considering the total cost of production. Bring financials into your operational decision making by using Fero to automatically minimize total cost functions, not just physical parameters.

Connect production data to your financials

Automatically minimize costs

Minimize raw material

Uncertainty in production used to require planning for the worst. Now you don't have to overestimate just to play it safe. Fero tells you how much raw material you need to use, in real time.

Optimize recipes for total cost

Need to keep spend within certain parameters, but price volatility is giving you a headache? Fero ensures you stick to your budget, without compromising quality.

Minimize energy consumption

Inefficiency can be costly. Reactions that run for longer than they need to waste time and energy. Fero optimizes your process to run as efficiently as possible, so you don't use unnecessary power.

Avoid over-design margins

Most factory teams spend more than necessary to prevent the possibility of even more costly mistakes. With Fero, you can shrink over-design margins and keep the money in your budget.

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