CEO Berk Birand on how AI is making factories greener:
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Transforming the process industry

Go beyond data analytics to tackle complex production issues, with software that closes the loop between data and the control room and empowers teams to be their most proactive.

Transforming the process industry
Solutions that drive value for chemical plants

Lock in profits with live insights

Traditional process optimization projects can take months. And they only work under pre-defined circumstances.

Fero's white-box machine learning algorithms instantly analyze current and past production data to discover the most efficient process settings, taking into account any sources of variation. And you don't have to take our word for it--all models automatically quantify uncertainty to give you confidence in your results, even in unseen operating conditions.

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Solutions that drive value for chemical plants

Alerts detect failures before it's too late

A failed batch of chemicals can cost thousands of dollars to replace. It also takes up hours on the production line that could have been spent on mixing new products.

With Fero, operators receive alerts that a batch will fail hours ahead of time. The machine learning algorithms even tell them how to change operating parameters such as temperatures, pressures, and flow rates to fix the uncovered issues, so they can step in and adjust before it's too late.

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Solutions that drive value for chemical plants

Soft sensors continuously monitor emissions

Sustainability objectives are more important than ever. However, filling the gap between goals and tangible emissions reduction can be challenging.

Fero's emissions blueprint is especially designed for steel plants to reduce emissions while simultaneously minimizing costs, preventing the usual prohibitive investment of the typical sustainability program. Soft sensors allow you to keep ahead of tightening regulations and monitor NOx, SOx, and CO2 emissions continuously to ensure that you meet corporate sustainability goals.

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Solutions that drive value for chemical plants

Models quantify and prevent asset degradation

Understanding asset efficiency decreases can save maintenance teams the valuable time and effort of dealing with unplanned downtime. Yet many existing solutions will only detect anomalies.

Fero goes beyond flashy predictive maintenance to take a more holistic approach to overall machine health. Engineers can predict when heat exchangers, reactive catalysts, and other assets will no longer run optimally. They can also explore root causes of degradation to find the optimal maintenance window.

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