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Optimize your chemical plant in real time

Built for manufacturers, Fero software can help you jointly reduce costs and improve sustainability.

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Minimize costs

Knowing what set points to change in a timely matter can translate into major savings. Fero's live predictions help you optimize your batch and continuous processes in real time.

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Predict asset degradation

Assets like heat exchangers and reactive catalysts inevitably degrade over time. Fero predicts when these assets are no longer profitable to operate, so you know when to take them out of service.

Lower emissions and energy use

Sustainability objectives are more important than ever. Fero allows you to monitor your NOx, SOx, or carbon emissions with soft sensors to ensure that you meet your sustainability goals.

Fero Platform

Fero offers cutting-edge machine learning in an easy-to-use web interface. Fero offers:

Powerful blueprints that target key KPIs,
Easy-to-use wizards for loading and linking data sources,
Insightful visualization tools for validation,
and much more.
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